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So...what better job is there in the whole world than to capture life's most poignant moments and record them for future generations? We can't imagine one! Needless to say, we love our work. That love and passion for our work drives us to tell the intricately woven story of your wedding with the powerful and precious images we create. Every wedding we do is like a fairy tale to us. We NEVER get tired of them. Even after doing over 150 weddings, each one feels new and wonderful and priceless.

Our innate sense of composition, our unique blend of photojournalism and traditional portraiture, and our commitment to providing our couples with the absolute best has given us a great reputation in our business. Let us give you the gift of your memories - recorded as the timeless love story they are.

We have two full-time professional photographers and a team of associate professional photographers. Robert Alexander specializes in photojournalism and excels at capturing all of the details and candid moments from behind the scenes. My name is Nicole Alexander and I enjoy creating beautiful portraits and recording the atmosphere and emotion of your wedding location, ceremony, and reception. We are both qualified to do weddings individually, but truly enjoy doing them together as a father/daughter team. :) Still want to know more?

First and foremost, I'm a VERY blessed Christian. I'm a mother to four amazing children (3 girls and 1 boy) with ages ranging from 12 to 17. My children are my pride and joy - and I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have them. I think I have the best job in the world and I wouldn't change it for anything. It suits me perfectly. I've been working either filming or photographing in the wedding industry since I was 16 (that's almost two decades - lol)!
As for me personally, I'm funny, quirky, artistic, intelligent, and ambitious (but not competitive). I don't care anything about T.V. except for listening to X-Files and documentaries while I work on the computer. I LOVE the great outdoors. I also LOVE food, and I think I might be addicted to pop.
Robert would tell you that he's a Christian who loves Jesus, his family, and photography. I can assure you that all of those things are true. However, since I'm writing this section - I can describe him the way I see him.
He's a wonderful father whose love still inspires me to call him "Daddy" even at my age. He's a truly gifted photographer - and his passion for it stretches even beyond weddings and into nature where he creates exceptional art. He sees and captures images I never even notice and I often find myself wondering how on earth he gets the amazing images he does - standing just 5 feet from me!
On a side note, he loves taking pictures of mushrooms and is always joking with me about turning the mushroom portraits into a book or some other piece of art. He sometimes gets mistaken for Santa Claus. He's an encyclopedia of knowledge and could survive in the wilderness for quite some time. He loves incredibly cheesy 80's movies and the Discovery Channel. Last but not least, he's the best photographer/friend/dad/Santa - you could ever possibly hope to have.